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The foundation is the preparation of the ground before the construction of the building. It is a concrete slab poured directly into the ground or crawl space. And the thicker this plate, the more resistant it will be. A crack is a crevice that appears in the foundation of a building. They can appear equally well on interior walls, on the facades of your home, on partitions, but the most dangerous are the cracks on the exterior walls or the load-bearing wall. You may then face problems with water infiltration or humidity. This is why we offer an excavation, pouring and waterproofing service for your foundations.

The elements causing cracks

In the Montreal area, the changing weather affects buildings and is often the cause of cracks on exterior walls. There are different types of cracks. Most of them are superficial and a little bit of coating can solve this problem effectively. However, other cracks will be installed at depth. Smaller cracks can come from peeling the plaster while larger cracks, which are called cracks, and can occur on old or new walls. They are the result of poor foundations and are a potential danger to your home.


Repairing cracks

In some situations, you might be wondering how to fix cracks on your foundation? The location of the crack and the type of wall it is on will influence how it is repaired. On concrete walls, cracks can quickly worsen and it is essential to call a professional to alleviate problems of water infiltration or humidity.

Repairing foundation cracks is a two-step process. First we fill the crack by injecting quick-setting cement. The application of a primer will subsequently waterproof the foundation. By making it waterproof, you protect yourself from all types of infiltration.

Waterproofing of foundations

Water is a natural element that is the source of many problems, which is why you must avoid water infiltration into your homes as much as possible. Waterproofing your foundations is a good technique to protect yourself and not make your home unsanitary. The walls and foundations of your building that are buried must be waterproofed.


Installation of French drains

The French drain evacuates rainwater and is installed at the base of the foundation and goes around the perimeter of the building. The pipe system is generally installed outdoors, directly in the ground. By facilitating the flow, French drains prevent water stagnation which is the cause of many molds. Their installation is done through an excavation of your land.

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