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Cracks are cracks that appear on walls whether they are inside or outside, and are often unsightly. They come from a poor initial construction. This is because cracks form when water seeps into your building. In the Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu region, on the South Shore of Montreal, the climatic factor is one of the major issues in the appearance of cracks in concrete walls. Rain is often present which facilitates infiltration into residences. We must therefore be vigilant and put in place resistant materials.

We noticed that in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, cracks appear near the stairwells. This is due to poorly placed gutters that do not properly drain rainwater.

If the crack appears in your foundations, it indicates a weakness in your walls. In the Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu region, many buildings have been constructed with pyrite, which is a material that swells on contact with humidity and thus changes the structure of your foundations. However, the foundation is the most important part of a residence or commercial space as it supports the entire frame. They need to be strong and reliable over the long term.


Solutions to avoid cracks in your foundations

Waterproofing therefore plays an essential role in protecting your home. The installation of a system of French drains allows the water to flow quickly and therefore rainwater no longer infiltrates the walls. The installation of an exterior membrane guarantees the waterproofing of your walls. It is quite easy to install, as all you have to do is dig next to the crack, widen it into a V-shape and fill it with mortar.


Crack repair techniques

There are different types of cracks: active or passive and this will determine their repair. Passive cracks are often the result of shrinking clay soil, while active cracks are the result of poor material quality.

The technique for repairing foundation cracks will depend on their location and size. It is therefore necessary to call in a professional so as not to misunderstand the technique to use.

If you notice that the cracks move or grow larger every spring, this means that the clay-type backfill is not resistant enough to the climatic conditions of the city of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. It is therefore necessary to modify the materials so that they are waterproof and do not allow the appearance of cracks.

Foundation cracks can be sealed by injecting flexible polyurethane into them. This technique is suitable for any season and is done directly from inside the house. In addition, the result is immediate and reliable over the long term. There is therefore no need to resort to excavation.

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