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Cracks are often unsightly and are difficult to remove. The most important thing, however, is to know why they got there. Most of the time, these are foundations that are in poor condition. Water, which is the source of many hygiene problems, mold and humidity can then enter your home or premises more easily and quickly.

Cracks can form on the front of your house, on the walls whether they are inside or outside. They are a sign that your foundations are fragile. We must therefore intervene quickly so that they do not get worse.

There are different types of cracks: micro-cracks, fine cracks and large cracks also called cracks.

It is essential to analyze the shape and the dangerousness of the crack to understand how to solve the problem. The expertise of cracks is a demanding scientific process. They should not be neglected because they could quickly get worse. We take care of sealing and repairing cracks so that you no longer have to worry. The repair of cracks differs depending on the type of wall and where they appear. So you have to adapt to all situations. If you see cracks appearing in your concrete foundation, they must be dealt with quickly.

Drains can sometimes be repaired. You must then proceed in several stages to avoid damaging your land.


Waterproofing of foundations

The waterproofing of your foundations is essential to the longevity of your building. Indeed, good drainage of your land helps prevent rainwater infiltration as well as humidity in your home. Water is often the source of large cracks. Whether the crack appears on the facade of your house, on a load-bearing wall or an exterior wall, it must be treated quickly. The cost of repairing cracks may seem high, but it is a long-term investment. Protecting your building is important, especially in our region of Sainte-Julie, where climatic conditions are not ideal for leaving the walls untreated.

There are different methods to have an airtight foundation such as liquid tar or elastomeric membrane. Installing an elastomeric membrane can be a good solution to waterproofing your home because its installation is quick and easy. It is possible to have double protection, that is to say, it is possible to protect your waterproofing. But the cost becomes higher in these cases. This considerably increases the lifespan of your foundations. The cracks are more often located at the level of the corrosion of the reinforcements. It becomes easy for water to get into the foundation. You can see swelling appearing in the structure of your home.

The importance of French drains

French drains are perforated pipes that are installed around the perimeter of your home. They facilitate the drainage of rainwater so that it does not seep into your home. Sometimes, debris can get into drains and cause blockages. This is why an annual inspection of your drains is recommended!

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