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How to repair a crack in a foundation?

The foundation is an essential step in the construction of a building. It must therefore be taken care of, but it often happens that cracks appear after a while. That’s why we come in to repair and put an end to your cracks! We offer our services in the Brossard region and throughout the South Shore of Montreal.

As there are different types of cracks, you have to know how to analyze them in order to be able to repair them. Their size can vary greatly but even if they seem small to you, we advise you to repair them for aesthetic reasons. Repairing a crack is relatively quick and easy, so you can call on our team of professionals to help you fix it.

The appearance of cracks is often caused by rainwater, which is harmful to the health of your home. Indeed, if water manages to infiltrate your home you will have to face major humidity and sanitary problems.

French drains keep moisture away

French drains are an effective solution for poorly drained land. As the drainage is through the ground, it is important that it is properly drained. French drains are pipes with holes and installed at the base of your building to help evacuate rainwater. Thus, infiltration becomes rare and you avoid having humidity or mold in your home. However, the drains should be the subject of regular maintenance as it is common for plugs to form. We often do camera inspections to locate the plug or to simply check the condition of your drains.

To install them, we must start excavation work. They consist in digging a ditch around your building, of a reasonable depth, so as to deposit the drains. It is essential to call on professionals for this type of work for a safety aspect.

We also work for mini excavations which are often requested for small installations such as walls or for swimming pools.

Our team operates in the Brossard region and across the South Shore of Montreal!



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