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Cracks Repair

To fix common concrete fissures, we use specialized equipment—which can generate up to 8,000 lbs. of pressure—to fill the cracks with polyurethane. Indoor repairs can be performed 12 months a year, but temperatures above -5 °C are required to carry out similar work outdoors. For exterior repairs, we start by excavating the foundation perimeter to […]

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Repair & Recovery

To correct this type of problem, we use hydraulic or manual cylinders to support and stabilize the house while we bring the affected wall back into position. Block walls are reinforced with steel rods and injected with concrete, whereas cracks in concrete walls are filled with epoxy. The perimeter of the foundation must then be […]

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Excavation Services

We have the expertise and equipment necessary to see to all of your excavation needs, no matter how big or small the project.

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French Drains

This process involves the following: Excavating the home’s perimeter to reach the foundation’s footing Pressure washing the foundation Filling cracks with polyurethane, if necessary Installing a gasket (yellow jacket) between the foundation and the footing Applying a waterproofing membrane to the foundation and formwork To achieve optimal drainage, we can either install two 4-inch drains […]

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Foundation Waterproofing

This type of project involves coating the foundation with a membrane that counters the porosity of concrete to create a barrier against humidity and water. The membranes we use to waterproof foundations are water-based and safe for the environment. A drainage membrane can also be added on top of the waterproofing membrane to help carry […]

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Camera Testing

We also recommend having your French drain inspected with a camera before you begin any major landscaping project in the drain’s vicinity (e.g. putting in a pool or hot tub, paving a walkway or laying decorative stonework). This way, any eventual problem can be repaired right away without the added cost of digging everything up. […]

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Window Well Installation

Comply with standards Installing curbs can be a complex task; it requires the excavation of a small portion of the land, the installation of an effective drainage system of the curbs, a mastery of various tools, in addition to ensuring the compliance of the standards governing your property and your municipality. Since the amendment to […]

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Wash System Installation

M. L’expert en Fissures Inc. is also equipped to install wash stations and drain clearing units. Our wash stations can help minimize resin and iron ochre buildup in your drains.

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