Foundation waterproofing

Foundation cracks are often associated with water infiltration, but they aren’t the only possible cause.

Indeed, infiltration can also occur when the ground adjacent to the foundation is raised. The aboveground portion of a building’s foundation is protected by a layer of plaster that isn’t completely waterproof. Consequently, raising the ground level—to accommodate flowerbeds, for example—may lead to rainwater accumulation and, eventually, infiltration through the casing fasteners. Covering the foundation with a waterproofing membrane can solve this problem.

This type of project involves coating the foundation with a membrane that counters the porosity of concrete to create a barrier against humidity and water. The membranes we use to waterproof foundations are water-based and safe for the environment.

A drainage membrane can also be added on top of the waterproofing membrane to help carry water to the French drain as efficiently as possible.

Membranes are covered by a 3 to 5 years warranty that can be transferred to new owners in the event of the property’s sale.

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