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The appearance of cracks in the walls

Cracks are crevices that appear in the foundation and are difficult to escape. Indeed, cracks can appear on interior or exterior walls. They should not be neglected in any way as they could easily get worse and you will see humidity settle in your home. In fact, rainwater quickly seeps into homes. With the weather conditions in the Longueuil region, it is common to see cracks settle in your home. If cracks appear in your concrete wall, it means they are less solid. It is important to make them waterproof against rain to avoid being faced with more worrying situations.

In addition, on the South Shore of Montreal, more particularly in the Longueuil region, pyrite is a very common material in the construction of houses. Nevertheless, pyrite modifies the structure of the foundations because it grows in time of rain. In Longueuil, the weather conditions are often changeable, which is favorable to the appearance of cracks in your walls.

Soil drainage

Well-drained soil is also the key to waterproof terrain. French drains are essential to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater on the land. This is to set up a network of piping around your home to keep your land dry and that it does not get wet.

If cracks appear on the facade of your home, it can be an aesthetic problem. It is therefore necessary to repair your cracks by calling on a team of professionals. Although repairing cracks may seem simple, you must first analyze the crack to know where it comes from and what the underlying problem is. Cracks that appear in concrete foundations are the most common.

For example, cracks in the concrete foundation are the most dangerous. They often come from a bad building base. Weakened walls are more prone to being weakened.


How to repair foundation cracks?

If you have not been able to avoid the problem of upstream cracks by waterproofing your land, you must repair the cracks that appear in the foundation. The foundations are the centerpieces to support the exterior walls. To do this, the foundations must be waterproofed. This step is often neglected in favor of a simple tarring which costs less but whose reliability is lower. We have noticed that in the Longueuil region, cracks generally appear because of the infiltration of rainwater into the residence.

To repair a crack, it is necessary to analyze the type of crack, whether it is active, that is, whether it comes from poor quality soil or materials. In the event that the crack is passive, it means that your soil is clayey and the retraction of the soil produces cracks.

There are different ways to repair cracks, but in general, it takes professional advice on how to stop the crack. In some cases, a simple filling with pouring cement is sufficient, but sometimes more in-depth repairs are required.


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