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The appearance of cracks in concrete walls is a common problem that affects many homes. Their appearance is hardly inevitable and when they do occur, they pose aesthetic problems. Indeed, cracks are easily seen and we tend to be afraid when we see them on our walls. Cracks appear on exterior walls as well as interior walls.

Their repair requires the intervention of an expert to analyze the size of the crack and know how to fix it, because there are different types of cracks and the technique for repairing them is not the same. We often use pouring cement to end small cracks. As for larger cracks, this requires more time and more expertise.

If your crack appears on your concrete foundation, it means that your foundations are weakened. Cracks in the walls damage the quality of your foundations, which is why they must be remedied as quickly as possible. Our team is responsible for intervening in the Sutton region and on the South Shore of Montreal.


A good system of French drains is the solution to avoid infiltration

The origin of cracks is often the rain which can easily damage the walls. In fact, rainwater easily infiltrates into foundations if they are poorly protected. You must therefore install a good system of French drains around your home to prevent water from getting into it. French drains are perforated pipes where water flows. Sometimes blockages can form as debris collects in the pipes.

It is therefore necessary to inspect the pipes from time to time to avoid larger clutter.


Waterproofing too often overlooked

Waterproofing is a step too often overlooked during the construction of residences, because its cost is high and it requires significant resources. It is often replaced by a simple tarring. However, the latter is not a long-term solution and does not completely isolate your home. On the other hand, waterproofing is a good alternative that will allow you to keep moisture and rainwater cracks away from your home.

By calling on a contractor, you are sure to get a quality work result since the steps will be respected and on time.

Our team of experts operates in the Sutton regions and throughout the South Shore of Montreal.

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