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Cracks are a problem that can be found in most construction. These are crevices that appear, due to poor drainage or poor quality construction materials.

Cracks often appear in concrete foundations. Foundations have a major role in protecting your home, which is why it is important that they are strong. However, on the South Shore of Montreal and more particularly in the Saint-Lambert region, weather conditions have a negative impact on foundations if they are poorly protected. This is why waterproofing foundations, although neglected during construction, can properly protect your foundations from rainwater. In addition, French drains are also a long-term solution to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater from your property. This is a piping system that surrounds your home to clear your land and thus avoid moisture problems. You will no longer have the moisture problem which is the root of most cracks.

Cracks appear on exterior as well as interior walls. If you see cracks appearing on the facade of your home, it can quickly become a cosmetic problem. Cracks in foundations are the most common, and repairing them requires professional help.


How to avoid cracks in the foundation?

In the Saint-Lambert region, rain is a natural element that acts on the foundations. A simple infiltration into the walls of your building can have harmful consequences, because it can cause your walls to rot and make them more fragile. This is when the cracks appear. It is therefore important to process them upstream. In addition, on the South Shore of Montreal and especially in Saint-Lambert, many residences have been built with pyrite, which is a poor quality material and which deforms the foundations. In fact, when it rains, pyrite swells on contact with moisture, which changes the foundation. It is therefore necessary to anticipate the appearance of cracks in concrete walls by using.


Repairing foundation cracks

Before proceeding to repairing cracks, they must first be assessed. For this you must call on a professional who works in the Saint-Lambert region. This is because there are different types of cracks and their repair differs depending on their size and location. The most common technique used to overcome cracks is to install an exterior membrane to seal your foundation.

It can happen that the cracks move, and enlarge. This means that your backfill is clay type and that water collects between the foundation and the ground. It is therefore necessary to replace the clay with a granular type backfill and always ensure that the soil is drained correctly.

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