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The problem of the emergence of cracks in concrete foundations

Foundations are the backbone of any structure. They need to be in good condition and strong over the long term. The foundations can be concrete, stone or wood, and must support the frame as well as the interior and exterior walls. It is essential to maintain them and monitor their condition.

However, the climatic conditions of the South Shore of Montreal and mainly in Waterloo, are changeable and the rain is the source of many problems. In fact, rainwater easily infiltrates homes if they are not properly protected. Some terrains are already wet in advance which makes it even easier for cracks to appear.

There are different types of cracks: passive or active. They both appear on walls, interior or exterior, and on floors. Active cracks are the result of the use of poor quality material such as pyrite, which is used in the Waterloo region.


Problems When Cracks Occur

Cracks are crevices that form on walls, whether they are inside or outside. Sometimes cracks even appear on the facades of residences, which poses aesthetic problems. The occurrence of cracks is often due to poor drainage of the land. This is why setting up a network of French drains around the perimeter of your land is an opportunity to avoid humidity. French drains allow rainwater to drain away more easily, and moisture will therefore disappear from your home. There is therefore less risk of cracks occurring.

It is also possible to waterproof the walls to protect them from any natural problems that may arise. Waterproofing the foundation helps extend the life of the concrete and prevents moisture problems from occurring. The water will therefore no longer be able to infiltrate and you will no longer face infiltration. Today, foundations are often protected with a sheet of tar, but this does not guarantee long-term waterproofing.

Repairing cracks

Repairing cracks will depend on their shape, their location, whether they are inside or outside. It is therefore best to have a professional working in the Waterloo region examine the crack and repair it. The repair can be done by injecting polyurethane and epoxy at high or low pressure. To do this, you first have to open the “V” shaped crack and then fill it. This technique is practical because it acts on the long term. The result is instantaneous, we guarantee long-term repair.

Visual inspections play a key role in preventing cracks since as soon as they appear, they can be treated and terminated. Do not under any circumstances minimize the cracks whether they are in your floor, your walls or on your facade.

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