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Weather conditions are often the cause of cracking problems and alternate foundations. Sometimes cracks can appear in your foundation or on the facade of your house. At Expert en cracks, we are both specialized in the repair of concrete cracks and in the repair and installation of French drains.

French drains are used to facilitate the flow of rainwater. These are pipes that are pierced so that water can easily seep into them. However, the French drains must be maintained and cleaned regularly so that there are no clogs that form. We work in the Bromont region and across the South Shore of Montreal to repair your cracks or French drains.


The appearance of cracks

Water is a natural element that is the source of many problems. It is important that your land drains water properly in order to avoid. When you see cracks appear, you are probably wondering how to fix them? At Expert en fissure, we take care of waterproofing your foundations. Cracks can appear on the facades of buildings or of course the interior walls. Since they are easily visible, there is often concern that they will get worse. This is why it is necessary to repair them quickly. In addition, the plasters are subjected to impacts which deteriorate them, which is why cracks sometimes appear. They must be treated immediately.


Repairing cracks in foundations

There are many ways to repair cracks, but most of the time this problem is fixed in no time! The cost of repairing cracks remains affordable since it does not require significant materials. In fact, we are content to inject cement grout or other similar product. There are different types of cracks but their size and place define their dangerousness. It is indeed necessary to examine the crack to know how to remedy it.

Our team travels across the South Shore of Montreal to answer all your questions and assess the extent of the repair work.


The importance of waterproofing

Waterproofing foundations is an often overlooked step in construction in favor of simple tarring. However, waterproofing its foundation helps prevent cracks from appearing. The foundation is the foundation of your home, so you have to protect it properly to protect yourself from all types of accidents.

Waterproofing is the first step in protecting your basements. It is also necessary to protect the coating against the different materials that make up the soil such as stones, clay, roots. Our team of experts comes to help you on the South Shore of Montreal!

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