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Excavation involves digging in land to build a structure such as foundations, the installation of French drains, septic tanks or even the installation of a swimming pool or a garage. Excavation work can remedy any problem with cracks or settling of buildings. In the Granby region, the climate has an impact on the quality of foundations and heavy precipitation or freezing temperatures cause major cracks to appear and sometimes cause subsidence.


The different ways to excavate

Hydro-excavation is the most used technique because it is a targeted and safe method. Air-excavation, or pneumatic excavation, consists of aerating underground conduits. Safety is the key word throughout the earthworks, which is why the first task is to prop up the walls in order to guard against falling projectiles.


The importance of soil type

The technique used for these earthworks will depend on the type of soil on which the drilling is carried out. Indeed, the soil is mainly composed of mineral matter.

During the excavation we lower the soil, that is to say, we dig to a shallow depth but over a large area. These measures are determined according to the type of structure that will be established. The ground is often filled with electric cables, gas pipes etc … This is why it is important to master the technique of excavation to avoid cutting them. At Expert en Fissures we locate any conduits or cables that surround your home in order to prepare to dig.

If the excavation is carried out in soft soil, it will be necessary to use a skip and a pay-loader which is quite heavy equipment. On the other hand, if the excavation is carried out in cohesive soil, as the latter is heavier, a mechanical shovel will have to be used. As for wet soils, you have to use a dragline to dig them.


The problem of cracks

Sometimes cracks can appear in your foundations or on the facade of your building. It should then be inspected to understand what problem it comes from and how to fix it. Don’t let your cracks get bigger. It could become dangerous. This is why we intervene throughout the South Shore of Montreal to repair cracks in your foundation, facade or interior walls by offering you quality service at competitive prices.


Call on a team of experts for your work

Our team of professionals has adequate tools to deal with all types of situations: hydraulic excavators, hydraulic power shovels… For this type of work, it is necessary to call on a team of professionals who have the necessary know-how to avoid not damage your land.

We are committed to respecting the specifications and we comply with all safety and environmental standards in force to ensure safe work. Our goal is to deliver quality work to you. We operate in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors.

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