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French drains are flexible pipes that are perforated and laid around your home to evacuate rainwater. Some sites are prone to being wetter than others, making it easier for water to seep into your foundation. In our region of Cowansville, the weather conditions are changeable and the rain is often present. You must therefore protect your homes to avoid seeing the appearance of cracks in your foundations. In some cases, mold can even surface.

These underground conduits are essential in the process of draining rainwater. There are different types of drains: terracotta, concrete or agricultural drain. But the most common drain is the French drain since it is used universally

The installation of French drains

French drains should be laid on a slope so that the water can flow easily under gravity. There are various ways to install a French drain system, it depends on the slope of the terrain and the type of soil. The network of drains will be installed along your foundations. The first step is to dig at the foundation level to install the pipe network, which requires excavating your soil. This is a delicate operation that must be done by professionals. It’s easy to cut a cable or damage a piping system when we don’t know where it is.

Our team travels to the Cowansville region for the installation, maintenance or repair of your drains and throughout the South Shore of Montreal.


Maintenance and repair of drains

Regarding maintenance, we carry out camera inspections. This technique allows you to certify that the drain is not blocked or in some cases, to locate the plugs. It is important to maintain your drains to prevent them from clogging quickly. The excavation then takes place at a specific location.


The danger of cracks in the walls

If you see cracks appearing in your walls, you need to act quickly. Indeed, cracks weaken the foundations of your house. They are all the more important if they occur in the foundation of your building. The cracks that appear in your concrete foundation must therefore be repaired as quickly as possible. The price of repairing cracks varies depending on the size of the crack.


Call on our team of professionals

French drain work requires expertise in the pipeline and piping network since it is necessary to ensure that no cables are cut. We put in place efficient and effective drainage systems that allow you not to be hassle in the long term. We intervene quickly and we offer you quality services. At Expert en fissure we are aware of the investment involved in setting up a French drain system.

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