Liquid Concrete Injection 



Cracks in your house may be caused by foundation shifts. To prevent further damage and water infiltration, get an expert to examine your foundations.

Recovery Procedure:

Many factors can jeopardize the stability of your house. Leaking pipes, maturing tree roots and poorly drained soils can all force a foundation to shift. In Canada, the sometimes swift succession of freezing and thawing weather can also pose a threat to your house’s infrastructure. 

When cracks start to form in your home, call an expert for an examination. 



After diagnosis, the ideal reparation procedure will be established. If some walls need to be brought back in their original position, our team will start by securing the area and your home. This part is executed with the help of hydraulic or manual cylinders that will serve as support while we work on the foundations. Your foundations repaired and back in their original positions, surrounding soils will be drained to prevent further shifts.   


The injection of liquid concrete is used in block wall foundation recovery. Indeed, as opposed to concrete walls whose cracks are sealed with epoxy, block walls are injected with liquid concrete after having been reinforced with steel rods.



Not only will these renovations minimize the risk of water infiltration, mold and mildew growth, plumbing problems and structural collapse, by fixing your foundation you are also investing in your property. Firstly, you could save money on heat loss caused by fissures in walls and ceilings or by gaps around windows and doors. Secondly, if you’re planning on selling your house, our 3- to 6-year warranty which is transferable to the future owner might just be the reason for a buyer to opt for your building. Lastly, these sorts of infrastructural problems can really lower your property’s value; you’d be a fool to neglect such important renovations.   

Keep your home safe and warm by contacting experts after noticing the first fissures. 



M.L’expert en fissures constantly strives to give its clients the best services and results. For this reason, since its birth in 1995, this company has sought the best high-end equipment to support its teams in their tasks. 

Its newest technological improvement is a hydrostatic cement mixer which works five times faster than old mixers. The assistance of such state-of-the-art machinery while we repair your foundations will dramatically reduce the length of the renovations, saving you time and money!  


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