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The French drain consists of a perforated pipe that is installed so that it is parallel to the footing of the basement foundation walls. It is thanks to this drainage system that water does not seep under the foundation. This helps prevent the accumulation of water which can quickly cause damage to the structure. Depending on the type of soil on which the house is placed, there are 4 main types of French drains. Concrete and earth drains are among the most popular, although BNQ and agricultural type drains tend to relegate them to second place. Whichever drain you choose, make sure that there is a covering of crushed stone of sufficient thickness for the drainage system to function at optimum level. Are you looking for professionals who will be able to help you install your French drain correctly, or even repair it? M. L’expert en Fissures is a company that specializes in construction and renovation.


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When a problem arises with your drainage system, the accumulation of water around the foundation will gradually be felt. Knowing how to identify these signs early on is essential in order to take action quickly. Otherwise, your structure could suffer considerable damage. If you notice an efflorescence, or a deposit of certain substances at the level of the foundation walls, then you will have to call on our experts who will take care of carrying out a camera inspection of your drainage system in order to know at what level is located. the problem. If you also notice a gradual increase in the level of humidity in the house, especially during periods of rain or snow, in general this is a sign of water infiltration. This infiltration can be caused by a problem with waterproofing the foundation. Usually when this is the case, you will see mold and foreign odors developing in your home.


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M. The Crack Expert has extensive experience in the construction and renovation of foundations. This is why you will make the right choice by calling on our team of qualified experts and specialists in French drain installation. Our experts offer you a quality installation with all the necessary equipment. They will also take care of removing the excess water. You will thus have a service adapted to meet your expectations. Our experts travel to all cities in Quebec and are committed to providing you with quality services at the best prices. Our customer service is available at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution to your drainage problem.

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