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Installation and Camera Inspection

Common symptoms of a drain problem include water seepage, musky or mouldy odours and the presence of white stains on the interior foundation. In all of these scenarios, camera inspection is recommended in order to assess the state of your drainage system.

If your current drain is ineffective (or simply non-existent), the suggested course of action is a complete overhaul of the system.

To install a new French Drain, this process involves the following:

  • Excavating the home’s perimeter to reach the foundation’s footing
  • Pressure washing the foundation
  • Filling cracks with polyurethane, if necessary
  • Installing a gasket (yellow jacket) between the foundation and the footing
  • Applying a waterproofing membrane to the foundation and formwork

To achieve optimal drainage, we can either install two 4-inch drains or a single 6-inch drain at the base of the foundation’s footing. Next, we backfill the drain with 2 to 3 feet of 3/4 in. crushed stone and cover the site with a geotextile membrane. Finally, we use compacting sand to level the ground and create a two-metre slope around the worksite.

Our drainage work is covered by a 3 to 6 years guarantee that’s transferrable to new owners in the event of the property’s sale.

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