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If you notice that the basement of your house tends to get more and more humid and besides that you also see the gradual growth of mold in different places, then there is a good chance that the foundation of your house is cracked. In this case it is very important to quickly call an expert who will find an effective solution to protect you against serious structural damage. In Quebec, climatic conditions can sometimes be a bit extreme, which is why the strength of buildings can quickly decrease because successive freezes and thaws can quickly cause land movements. This damage can evolve unnoticed, and quickly damage your foundation without you noticing it.


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In Montreal, the floors on which houses are placed need to be reinforced further because of the extreme weather conditions. This is why you should entrust the construction of your home to qualified professionals who will be able to take care of waterproofing your foundation and installing a French drain. You should also regularly call in an expert crack who will inspect your home to see if there are any problems that exist, but are not apparent. Thus, the expert can examine whether there are any appearances of cracks or sagging. It will also be able to determine whether or not there is a deviation or a tilt. M. L’expert en Fissures Inc. provides you with the experts you need to repair cracks in your home. Our company has extensive experience in the field of construction and residential renovation. Our experts have great expertise in waterproofing foundations and repairing foundation cracks.


M. The Crack Expert and his flexible and low cost services

M. L’Expert en Fissures specializes in repairing cracks and provides you with professionals who are able to meet all your needs in terms of renovating your basement. After examining your foundation, our experts will take care of finding effective solutions to resolve all your cracking issues. So they can step in and do the work you need. After the work, you can observe a reduction in water penetration, as well as the elimination of the risk of mold and the appearance of bacteria and fungi. You will also see a considerable reduction in the penetration of foreign matter. Our experts can intervene in many cities, namely Granby, Montreal, Sherbrooke, among others. Not only are the services provided to you of high quality, but our experts will come with all the necessary equipment for a crack repair. Make your foundation more solid by calling on our professionals now.c

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