French drain inspection by camera

on the South Shore

If water leaks into your foundation, the camera test lets you know what the problem is. This makes it easier for you to repair your drain. If the inspection shows that there is a ruptured drain, it will be very easy to dig up the damaged part to replace it. The camera inspection will also let you know if the drain is not blocked. If so, it can be very easy to unclog it. So the camera test allows you to quickly find the problems and fix them without the need to spend a big budget.


A camera inspection to strengthen your foundation

M. The Crack Expert has extensive experience in repairing house foundations. The experts that the company puts at your disposal are highly qualified and take care of the entire process of the camera inspection. To do this, they will first access the French drain through a cleaning chimney or even through a hole dug beforehand. It is after accessing the drain that the expert will be able to insert a camera positioned on a half-rigid cord. By moving the camera gradually over the drain, it will be able to record the course taken through the drain. We will be able to analyze the quality of the materials in order to check whether a replacement of components is necessary or not. We will then provide you with a report that will inform you of the condition of your drain.


Quality services provided by experienced professionals

You should only entrust the camera inspection of your French drain to an experienced expert, as this is a delicate operation. In the event that the drain is clogged, it will be necessary to dig 2 access wells which will serve as support for the analysis device. It is after installing the analysis device that the expert will be able to place the camera in order to carry out a thorough inspection of your drainage system. This will help him find the source of the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible. Our experts work in several cities ranging from Montreal to the South Shore. After the camera inspection, the expert can offer you a French drain installation or a French drain cleaning. Our services will adapt to your needs, on top of that you will be entitled to many additional services if needed, such as waterproofing your foundation. Call on our experts now to inspect your drainage system in order to repair it.

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